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2020 Maggie/Chaba


Puppies Anticipated January 31, 2020 this breeding has been confirmed Brick Chapel’s Point of No Return aka Maggie b. February 22, 2016 | brown sable plush sire: Highlander’s He’s a Keeper TT dam:... READ MORE

2020 Hayden/Morotar


Puppies Anticipated January 20, 2020 this breeding has been confirmed Brick Chapels Just Like Fire Of RSS aka Hayden Fire b. July 15, 2016 | black/cream plush sire: Baer of Genesis TT dam: NS bCH... READ MORE

2019 Kiva/Joey

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Puppies b. October 6, 2019 The Bourbon Balls 5 boys, 3 girls; duals & sables; all plush GV NSx2 bCH Brick Chapel’s Irish Valentine, TT aka Kiva Grace b. June 2, 2013 |... READ MORE

2019 Hayden/Quinn


Puppies b. April 25, 2019 The HQ Brew Crew 6 boys, 3 girls; all plush Joe (blue/white boy), Mocha (lt blue boy), Java (lavender girl), Keto (orange boy), Bean (blue boy), Starbucks (green... READ MORE