2020 Hayden/Morotar – b. January 18, 2020


The Moonshiners
5 boys, 5 girls; duals, all plush

sire: Imladris’ Morotar
dam: Brick Chapels Just Like Fire Of RSS

Mash (green boy), Ridge Runner (red boy), Copper (orange boy),
Hooch (blue boy), Whiskey (twist girl), Spirit (mint girl), Shine (yellow girl), 
Ole Smokey (black boy), Maggie Barley (pink girl), and Black Betsy (lavender girl)

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2020 Maggie/Chaba – b. January 30, 2020


The Beach Vibes
5 boys, 5 girls; duals, sables, & white

sire: NSx4 BISS sbCH Cabin Run Sequoia’s Chaba CGC, TT
dam: Brick Chapel’s Point of No Return

Margarita (dual girl), Luau (dual girl), Gumbo (dual boy), Riptide (sable boy),
Shelly (sable girl), Crabby (dual boy), Sandy (sable girl), 
Mermaid (sable girl), Sailor (dual boy), and Salty (white boy)

This litter is born and raised in Alabama.

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